This new English-language meditation offer allows you to reconnect with and reboot your cellular aliveness whilst discovering how this toolleads to the power, freedom and integrity of self-embodiment. We build up a relaxed connection ourselves our experiences and the world that allows us a to start the day in a more relaxed and centered way with less inner and outer pressure and dissociation.

This offer for friends of "Schöner-Leben-Institut" combines the best of the Alexander-Technique, Psychosynthesis, Sumarah- and Vipassana-Meditation and Psychology-Of-Vision®. It is a fully contemplative guided inner work through the direction and sounds wich takes place each Thursday morning from 7 until 8 am German time on Zoom-Audio. We will also guide you to work on the quality and ease of your sitting position.


What you need to participate is:


• • a comfortable & warm seat with backrest

• • good internet connection  

• • Zoom-App (also works on mobile phones. Downloads automatically if you click on this link  ,

   unless it is already installed - Click on the link again after installation is finished to enter the meeting.... It is advised to check

   the technique before the first meeting) 

•• headset 

•• water


Registration is appreciated to informs us about your participation but is not mandatory.